Course: AP Spanish Language

Informal Writing

Informal Writing 1 prompt 10 minutes 5%

AP Rubric for Interpersonal Writing

The Informal Writing section of the exam consists of one prompt for which the student will have 10 minutes to write. The student will be asked to write an informal or interpersonal note such as an email message, a brief letter, a postcard, or a journal entry.


You will be given a writing task for an informal situation. You will have 10 minutes to read the prompt and write your response. The response should reflect accurate grammatical structures, forms of address, rich vocabulary, paragraphing and punctuation. A minimum of 60 words is necessary for this task.

Below are some suggested activities to help you practice your ability to synthesize information gleaned from a variety of sources and to compose an original response to a question based on that synthesis.

  1. Ask your teacher to have an exchange of emails with another AP class at your school.

  2. Begin a “pen pal” relationship with another high school student in a Spanish-speaking country.

  3. Write postcards to classmates and family members in Spanish.

  4. Familiarize yourself with the College Board official AP rubric for this task.

  5. Find an article in a Spanish language newspaper or magazine. Ask a classmate to create a “prompt” like question for you to respond to as an email. Do the same for your classmate.

  6. In Module 5 you will find Appendix B: Common Expressions Used to Begin and End a Written Message . Review the material and use the terms provided while practicing your informal writing.

  7. Remember to visit Module 6 for resources.